CB Dressage started as a vision from both Borja and Alex during their time working together at Hof Kasselmann – Borja training and competing their horses and Alex co-organizing their events. They quickly found out that they worked together very well, combining their skills and talents in order to achieve best possible results.

After the summer of 2015 Borja & Alex decided that it was time to start working on their own dream and set up their own business in Krefeld (Germany). Based at the beautiful yard Gut Auric and with the help and mentoring of Jean Bemelmans they created Carrascosa & Brenninkmeijer Dressage. The purpose of CB Dressage is to train and develop very talented dressage horses from young horse classes up to international Grand Prix level, managing their career into the top sport.
During the past years since CB Dressage was created, Borja & Alex have trained many horses up to the highest levels and travelled the whole world to successfully participate at many of the biggest and most prestigious shows.
Together with a young, motivated and work determined team CB Dressage is committed to achieve top results in sport and at the same time offer all our own and client´s horses a happy athlete life with lots of playtime on the fields and paddocks. With the acquisition of Gut Flamschen in Coesfeld (Germany) a big dream has now become true for Borja & Alex! At this new facility CB Dressage will be able to offer the best services and training opportunities to clients and horses.

Borja Carrascosa Martínez

Borja was born in 1982 into a horse breeding family nearby Madrid (Spain), with an own horse breeding stud for Lusitano horses and Spanish sport horses called Finca Los Lirios in Ávila. He started riding at a very young age, taught by his parents, and soon started to achieve his first successes after fully focusing on dressage riding. During his Junior and Young Rider years he achieved several medals at Spanish Championships and always was part of the Spanish Team at the European Championships.

As an adult, he won the silver medal at the Spanish Championships on Remigius in 2009 and continued being very successful in Spain with several horses from clients and of his own. In 2011 he moved to Germany to Hof Kasselmann, where he started working as a rider and soon became the head competition rider with many successful participations at national and international shows throughout Europe. He was trained by Ulli and Bianca Kasselmann as well as by Jean Bemelmans, with whom he had been training for many years already when Jean was still the trainer of the Spanish Equipe. It was in 2012 while working at Hof Kasselmann when Borja met Alex for the first time.
Having been a member of the Spanish Team at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Caen, the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam, and several times at the CHIO Aachen Nation´s Cup during the past years, Borja has established himself as one of Spain´s most consistent top riders while always bringing new horses into the top sport.

Alexander Brenninkmeijer

Alex was born in 1987 in Madrid (Spain) as well, but in his case into a Dutch family. He started riding ponies at the age of 4 and became a motivated show jumper. Having competed mostly at jumping shows throughout his entire childhood and adolescence, at the age of 18 he stopped riding in order to focus on his academic career.

After obtaining a professional degree in retail in Amsterdam, he went on to study International Business Management at ICADE in Madrid (Spain) and ESB Business School in Reutlingen (Germany). When finished with his Bachelor, Alex started working in Marketing for L’Oréal in Düsseldorf.
But still looking to pursue a life combining his passion for horses together with marketing and eventmanagement, he changed from L’Oréal in Düsseldorf to Hof Kasselmann in Hagen a.T.W., where he met Borja and was offered the possibility to work for one of the leading horse sport event organizers while being able to ride horses again – although in dressage rather than jumping. As part of the head organizing team at Hof Kasselmann Alex was co-responsible for events such as Horses & Dreams, Future Champions, the P.S.I. Auction and the ADC shows in Ankum, allowing him to build a great network in the horse sport world.

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